Dios Los Ninos is proud to be the only inclusive Cambridge registered school in Gauteng. At DLN our core belief is that each child’s needs are different and we therefore believe that every child should be seen and treated as an individual.


Each learner is integrated according to his or her needs, and all learner are welcome. Our small classes consists of mixed grades from Grade 00 - 12 in a relaxed environment, allowing each child to strive for, and reach their full potential.


At DLN we want to nurture and grow all aspects of your child, not only their academic future. We want to help them grow into people who make a difference in the world as well. To us, a child is not only an academic being, but a complex being made up of many equally important parts. We celebrate creativity, individuality and growth through learning.


Join the DLN community today to ensure your child gets the best education together with individual attention to reach their full potential.

Dios Los Ninos