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At DLN we have a comfortable and informal uniform.

Our learners all wear a black or red golf shirt,
along with our black DLN tracksuit jacket.

What you have to buy from DLN:

  • Jacket (option between fleece or no-fleece).
  • Red and/or black golf t-shirts with DLN logo on them.

Optional to buy:

  • DLN beanie (the only beanie we allow)
  • DLN cap (only cap we allow)
  • The DLN black tracksuit pants

What you have to buy yourself:


 Any plain blue or plain black jeans (no skinny jeans, ripped jeans or jeggings allowed) .

The only tracksuit pants our learners are allowed to wear are the ones that DLN provides. It is made from the same water-resistant material as the jacket.

  1. b) Long sleeve shirts:

Any plain black or red long-sleeve t-shirts to wear underneath the golf shirt on cold days.

uniform 1
uniform 2
uniform 3

Prices are dependent on size. Kindly contact our admin office if you need a quote.

Our uniforms are unisex and are worn throughout the year. 


We offer Cambridge carriculum for all grades. DLN is a registered exam centre for Cambrige.

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